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Oolaboo Ageless Turn the Time Nutrient Chrono Renewing Peeling


A mild, effective and nourishing peel based on fruit enzymes (AHA), recommended for normal and mature skin conditions (from 30 years old).

This anti-aging peeling visibly reduces wrinkles and lines and provides an enormous improvement to the skin. Extract from sugar cane, sugar beet, pineapple and melon, effectively remove the keratinized cells of the skin and stimulate oxygen supply, stimulating the skin to produce new cells. Provides a visible reduction of wrinkles and an even and smooth (upper) skin. The skin feels clean and smooth and the skin texture is visibly improved because keratinized skin cells are effectively removed. Strengthens the vitality of the skin.

Apply peeling once or twice a week on well-cleansed and dry skin. Apply the peeling with a brush, as the acidity can affect the skin. Be careful with the area around the eyes. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then remove thoroughly with lukewarm/warm water. Then ensure optimal sun protection with the saveguard protective shield (spf 30). Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed for two days.